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About Us

Nestled in the heart of Montgomery Ohio, 15 minutes north of Downtown Cincinnati and just a few minutes away from the Reading Bridal District. Montgomery Bridal's owners Martha and her daughter, Kate have created a space like no other. With 30+ years in the bridal industry working in the places like the reading bridal district, they desired a place that was off the traditional Cincinnati bridal shopping street. A place where the bride's experience came first!

Martha and Kate have set Montgomery Bridals atmosphere to be an ultimate destination.  They have designed personal experiences to fit every bride and every budget. With weddings looking different than they did a few years ago one thing will always stand true, the Bride needs a gorgeous gown.


Martha has sought out new and fresh designers all across the Globe. Designers that you will not see in other stores in the Cincinnati area. With these designs it is easy give the brides the experience they deserve.

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