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Going to a Bridal Show

You're Engaged!!! Well… maybe. Or maybe you just KNOW it’s right around the corner. Or- maybe your friend scored some extra tickets and asked if you want to tag along, you’ve been planning your wedding for a few months, and you figure “why not”? However you end up there and no matter your stage of planning, you’re going to a bridal show! But what exactly should you expect?

If you have done any planning yet, you know that planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things ever, but it can also be one of the most stressful things. Bridal shows serve to show you a wide array of vendors, take a look at their product or service packages, get a sense of who you would like to hire, and maybe have some bubbly along the way! But setting yourself up for success at the show can help make the day as stress-free and fun-filled as possible.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes! Many of these events are hosted by convention centers, and require parking a distance away from the actual show. You will also spend most of the day walking around from booth to booth, so make sure you don’t have to cut the day short because you chose those cute but impractical wedges.

  2. Bring your partner! (If you’re both into it). Who ever said planning is just for you? Unless you have a super hands-off fiancè and you’re totally excited to plan by yourself or it’s a girl’s day, have them come along! It will be so helpful to make decisions together, especially as a ton of vendors will have amazing deals that you have to snag at the show.

  3. Come with an open mind… but not if you already have *that* service! I know, I know. Beautiful gowns are hard to walk past and that DJ DOES seem like a ton of fun. So check them out! UNLESS you already have your gown and your DJ is booked! There is no worse feeling than falling in love with a gown then torturing yourself by imagining what you would look like in that stunning dress at one of the gown booths. Move it along to the cake samples, dollface.

  4. Bring your wallet! Like we said before, you never know what deals you can snag up at the show. Additionally, there will likely be cake and maybe cocktail samples, but you’re going to get hungry at some point and need to buy lunch either at the show or down the street. Better safe than sorry!

  5. Make a wedding email address. It goes without saying that we deal with enough in our inboxes as it is. Having a wedding “hub” will make it so much easier for you to keep organized, and not let those dream deals and offers get lost in your work email!

  6. Enter all the giveaways! All of them!! A ton of vendors will be giving SOMETHING away. Enter them!! You may think you won’t win, but everyone has the same chance at some goodies- so throw your name in the ring! An insider tip: bring pre addressed labels, with your names, wedding date, phone numbers, and emails to easily fill out those entries.

  7. Write things down! Or voice memo, or have a designated scribe bridesmaid. Either way, that amazing cake flavor you tasted and are POSITIVE you’ll remember? You won’t. Save yourself the stress and take notes.

And of course, HAVE FUN! Let wedding planning stay an enjoyable experience. Bridal shows are there to help you fill in any gaps you may have in your planning, or to help you get started with ideas when it seems like there are a million vendors you could choose. Have a blast, and drink some champagne for us!

Here is the list for upcoming Bridal Shows in the Cincinnati and Dayton area.

September 22, Fall in Love event Reading Bridal District

December 2, After Hours Wedding Show by A Brides Mafia

January 1 & 2, Wendy's Bridal Show at Duke Energy Center

January 2, A Bridal Affair, Dayton

January 8th, A Bridal Affair, West Chester (We will be here)

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