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Tips for Shopping For Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Choosing your wedding dress can be one of the most challenging decisions to make. So, we’re here to help you with this today!

Here are some tips to make finding the ideal wedding dress fun, stress-free, and productive at the same time!

  • Research

Take your time to go through Pinterest, browse social media like @brides to see what celebrity couples are wearing, and for real bride inspiration.

We suggest to create a Pintrest board and share it with your boutique so that the stylist can see your vibe and what you are liking.

  • Embrace Ideas

When looking online, look at things that may not be your style, but maybe your body shape, or your venue vibe. On shopping day, your stylist will show you things that will be out of your comfort zone. Don’t reject the idea until you see what comes out of it. Keep an open mind. Your dream dress could turn out to be different from what you imagined at first. Make sure you’re willing to try new things. Trust in the process that the stylist has for you.

  • Be Ready for Sizing

Bridal gowns are sized based on the manufacturer’s sizing charts. These measurements are typically not the American Standard sizing, so be prepared to size up one or two from your normal everyday sizing.

When you are ready to order the stylists will take your measurements and give you the best recommendation for sizing per the dress manufacturer’s sizing chart and alterations will more than likely be needed to give you the best fit for your day.

  • Shop For Dresses True to Your Size on Shopping Day

Let’s be honest, COVID was hard on all of us. When shopping for your dream dress make sure you love it on that day. Don’t have the thought that if “I lost weight I would love it”. Alterations are there to give you the fit of your dreams.

Fall in love with a dress that day, because once YOUR dress arrives and your alterations are complete you will love it MORE.

We are Cincinnati’s newest bridal boutique. We have a wealth of exclusive designs from renowned designers and brands like Angel Rivera, Herve Paris, Helen Fontaine, and Aire Barcelona.

Click here to contact us, and we will give you the experience you deserve and the dress that you will love.

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