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Trendy Wedding Colors

Are you the fashionable bride who wants to stand out at her wedding? Are you a trendsetter that is passionate about trying new things? Well then, consider choosing a unique hue to color your big day!

Before settling for any hue, though, be sure to consider the effect it will have on you and your wedding. See the tips below for how colors can add flair to your Ohio wedding!

  • Blue

If you want to use blue in your wedding theme because it is one of the most popular colors among brides, go for it.

Blue can reflect serenity, peace, calmness, strength, self-control, trust, and other qualities depending on its tone. And we can’t express how beautiful a blue wedding gown looks. This color will be perfect for your Ohio wedding!

  • Brown

Light brown is the perfect shade of brown for a wedding. Brides with fair skin tone will look beautiful in a light brown wedding gown. Silver or white touches based on your preference may be used to complement the brown dress too.

Brown represents patience, dependability, steadiness, and strength. Wear a brown wedding gown if you want to emphasize any of these qualities.

  • Purple

Purple looks extraordinary on fair and dark-skinned brides and has always portrayed power, strength, and royalty.

You may choose to go all out or keep it simple depending on how daring you want to be. Purple can also highlight the romantic atmosphere that characterizes your wedding ceremony.

  • Gold

Gold is a sign of prosperity, happiness, and knowledge. So, if you want a luxurious and elegant look, consider going for gold. The color goes well with a variety of other colors too.

With weddings ever-evolving, one fact remains unchanged: the bride will always want a one-of-a-kind gown, whether it’s for her special day or another occasion.

Montgomery Bridals, Cincinnati’s newest bridal boutique, would love to offer you a beautiful, hand-picked wedding dress!

We have all the trending styles you could need for your upcoming Ohio wedding. Of course, you may choose whatever color you like; you’ll still be working with professionals.

Expect quality, a unique design, and great value with all our dresses. And we offer exceptional services too, particularly our Day of Styling, where you’re pampered like the queen you are!

And we have some excellent news for you too! If you want a bridal gown that strays from the traditional colors, the Renegade Dye Lab has an expansive collection for you!

They are “America’s gown dyeing professionals,” and we’re quite excited to be partnering with them! So, get a gorgeous gown from Montgomery Bridals and have the Renegade Dye Lab turn it into a work of art that’s distinct from anything else out there!

We’ll dress you and treat you to several other great perks. So, contact us today for a bridal styling experience like no other!

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