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What Exactly is a Bridal Shop Trunk Show?

I keep hearing about bridal gown “trunk shows”... what does that mean?

You’re looking for your wedding dress. Woah, take a minute to repeat that. That is an extremely exciting thing! Maybe you’ve been dreaming about this your whole life, maybe the thought of it stresses you out, maybe a combination of the two with a bunch of other emotions mixed in! But however you feel about the experience, you might not know how to get started or really what to look for, and it’s time to get started! Due to COVID-19, it is taking a little longer than usual for gowns to arrive after being ordered, making the current time from “I said yes” to “picking up my dress” between 9 and 12 months. When it arrives at the store, you’ll try it on to ensure everything is in order before you get it altered, then it goes home with you to await alterations. THOSE need to be done about 2-3 months before your wedding. So if we break it all down, you’re looking at getting a gown almost a year and a half before your #wedding. PHEW! But with so many designers out there, it can be easy to forget which designers you like and keep them straight after you’ve pinned to your heart’s desire. So you’ve looked into a couple of bridal gown boutiques you’d like to visit and you see one of them has something called a “trunk show”- what does it mean though? Will this be a different #experience than just going to the store on a “normal day”?

A trunk show is a special day or week when a specific designer “holds residence” in a shop to showcase their new line. These are especially great if you have a designer in mind but are having trouble finding their gowns near you, or if you are loving the style of gowns you see from them but haven’t quite seen “the one” yet- you’ll see their brand new collection live and in person for try-on! There are two different types of trunk shows: the first type is when a representative of the designer brings the gowns into the shop and is present for the trunk show. This type of showing is extremely helpful to you, the bride. Let’s say you’ve absolutely fallen in #love with a gown from a trunk show, but you want to change the sleeves or the material on the skirt. Before you run and try to find a seamstress who may or may not be able to make this change for you, you can personally ask the rep and hear from them what the designer is able to change on the gown. You may not know that many designers now offer different skirt types on all of their A-lines, or different types of lace on the bodice. The second type of trunk show is without a rep present: the gowns are simply shipped to the boutique and stay for a set period of time. One of the other benefits of shopping from trunk shows is that you are one of the first brides to put your hands on these dresses.

We have a trunk show for Aire Barcelona from now through October 3rd for their new 2022 line, and we are just as excited as you are to see the new styles. While you are busy pinning your fav styles on #Pinterest and thinking about what you are looking for in your dream gown ,we are anxiously awaiting you to come try on these stunning gowns. If there is one big tip we can give to all of our brides, it is to come with an open-mind when shopping, whether during a “normal” day or a trunk show. With so many stunning and unique gowns from exclusive designers such as Herve Paris, Adriana Alier, Libelle, Helen Fontaine, and Marta Blanc, we are positive you’ll have an amazing experience at Montgomery Bridal.

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