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Pack Your Bags - You're Going on Your Honeymoon.

Pack your bags, YOU’RE going on a honeymoon! And the best part? We’re footing the bill.

That’s right, from now until happily ever after, we are offering a free honeymoon with minimum purchase from our store. With a qualifying purchase, you will receive hotel accommodations including options of Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico or Las Vegas (restrictions apply). Sounds too good to be true, right? This is just our way of giving back and making sure you have the best wedding experience ever with the love of your life.

So you found your gown and booked your free honeymoon, but now there is airfare to figure out. What about souvenirs? Experiences? This is where a *honeymoon fund* comes in! We get asked all the time: “I already live with my partner, we don’t need everything that goes on a typical registry! Is it rude to ask for money towards our honeymoon?” And the answer is a resounding NO! But there is a correct way to do it. If you have a wedding website (which you should!) you will simply make a note on your invitations that states “In lieu of a registry, we decided to establish a honeymoon fund. Please visit …. for more information!” There is a gofundme type website called Honeyfund that you can set up for you and boo, and link to your wedding site. For some of your older guests, it may be nice to include some FAQs on your site about why you are asking for this. Truthfully, most people will be relieved that you made it so easy to shower you with gifts in an increasingly more common way!

The hotel is booked, Honeyfund cashed out. Now is the fun part-the trip! Well, there is one more thing. When it comes to packing, don’t forget that this isn’t any old trip. It’s your honeymoon! This is a chance to bring those heels you never wear if only for a picture, dress in that bikini, and feel your sexiest. Know yourself and your partner: are you going to be adventuring? Pack mostly practical clothing with one or two dressier outfits. More of homebodies? Pack comfy! Going to 4 star restaurants every day? One or two sets of silky PJs will clear up enough space for all of those gorgeous outfits you plan to wear. Whatever you decide to do on your honeymoon, make sure you stay true to yourself and the essence of who you are as a couple and don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want (ie- if you will both enjoy laying on the beach all day, don’t feel like you HAVE to go zip lining just because you’re in Mexico!).

The honeymoon is changing. In a time of COVID and busy work schedules, it’s not as common anymore to dart off directly from your reception and hop on a red-eye plane. Waiting months or even years to go on the trip of your dreams is a great option.And, our honeymoon offer is valid for up to 2 years, so plan it for when it works best for the two of you! We are so excited to be a part of your honeymoon (of course, not literally! Go have fun with your forever travel buddy!) and congratulations!

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